1.What is the Finishing School Skill Development Program all about?.

    Finishing School Skill Development Program is a joint initiative of Sony India Software Center Pvt Ltd. and IITM PTF to impart industry-ready skills in tech areas.

2.In what areas are the training provided in this program?.

   Training will be given in select areas such as AI/ML, Cyber Security, and Computer Graphics.

3.What is the cost of this training?.

   Training is free of cost.

4.What will be the format, duration, and location of this course?.

    This will be a full-time, classroom-based training conducted for around 6 months in Chennai.

5.Who is eligible to apply for this training program?.

    Students who have completed the final year exams in 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 with degrees in BE/BTech/MCA or MSc Computer Science with a minimum of 60% aggregate in all exams and with parental income less than 8 lakhs per annum can apply for this training program.

6.What is the selection process?.

    Students who wish to apply are requested to register on the portal https://sonyfs.pravartak.org.in/registration
    Candidates who meet the eligibility criteria will be shortlisted for an entrance test.
    Based on the entrance test scores, the top-ranking candidates will be called for personal interviews.
    Based on the performance in the interview, the top-ranking 30 candidates will be selected for the course.

7.What do I need to know about the entrance test?.

    Candidates deemed eligible will be informed about the date and venue of the entrance test by email and will be posted on the website: https://sonyfs.pravartak.org.in/
    At the time of the written exam, degree certificate, proof of parental income, and address proof will have to be submitted
    Entrance test will be on a) general aptitude, b) analytical reasoning and c) comprehension skills in English and Tamil.

8.What is the success criterion for the entrance test?.

   The students will be ranked based on their entrance test scores. The top-ranking students will be called for interviews. The top performers in the interview will be selected for the course.

9.Will selected candidates to get stipends? What is the basis of getting a stipend?.

   The top 30 students who get through the entrance test and interview will be eligible for the training program. The top 15 in this list will be eligible for a stipend.

10.How will the students be evaluated during the course?.

    Students will be continuously evaluated through weekly assessments and periodic assessments.

11.Is there any certification provided to the students after completing the training program?.

   Yes, certificates will be provided to the students upon the successful completion of the training program.

12.What assistance will be provided for placement after the successful completion of the course?.

   SONY India Software Center Pvt Ltd. will absorb the top 15 performers selected based on their performance in the continuous assessment process and a personal interview.
IITM PTF will assist the remaining students with placement in other companies by arranging for their interviews through the IITM PTF placement cell.

13.When will the program start?.

    Successful candidates will be informed about the start of the program by email. It is expected that the program will start within 10 business days of the completion of the selection process.

14.On what basis can a student be rejected/debarred from the course?.

    A student can be rejected/debarred from the course based on irregular/inadequate attendance, poor performance in assessments with no improvements in subsequent assessments and not following the rules of the course. The decision of the IITM PTF management will be final and binding in this.

15.Will any guidance or support will be provided to students who are new to Chennai for getting accommodation?.

    Yes, guidance can be provided to students looking for PG accommodation in Chennai.

16.Will PTF make any arrangements for accommodation during the first week of the course?.

   No, PTF will not be providing or making any arrangements for travel or accommodation.